Dentist Visit

This afternoon we had a lovely visit from a dentist called Jay.

Jay read us a story about a little boy who did not like brushing his teeth and the effects of this. He then demonstrated the correct way for us to brush our teeth, and we had a go at doing this practically using a toothbrush on some teeth – the aim was to brush all the black marks away! We then finished by looking at different foods and decided if they were good or bad for our teeth.

PD (H+SC) 40-60

Active Learning

PSHCE Carousel

This morning, Early Years took part in a carousel of activities linking to PSHCE and health and well-being.

Miss O’Malley, Miss Price and Mrs Knowleson each delivered different activities to the children in Pre Nursery, Nursery and Reception. Miss O’Malley talked to the children about the importance of the message of PANTS, Miss Price delivered an activity all about healthy and unhealthy food, and Mrs Knowleson lead a zumba class for the children!

PANTS is an underwear rule created by the NSPCC, and informs children about the importance of keeping their private parts private. After a short discussion between Miss O’Malley and the children, they then watched this short video, lead by Pantosaurus and understood the important message that he was telling them.

The children then went off to design their own pants, whilst understanding the message behind them of protecting their private parts.

Here are some photographs of the children taking part in Miss Price’s healthy and unhealthy food activity:

Here are some photos of the children taking part an energetic Zumba workshop. The children moved every part of their bodies in time to some fast paced music – they had so much fun!

This afternoon, we were very lucky to have a visit from Elaine and her colleague Laura who are Community Support Police Officers. They talked to us all about their role within the community, and showed us some of the equipment that they carry around with them. We then went on to learn about stranger danger, and we were taught the phrase run, yell, tell! This is something that we can remember to use if we are ever in danger.

PSED (MF+B) 40-60

PSED (MR) 40-60

PSED (SCSA) 40-60

UW (P+C) 40-60

Active Learning

Summer Fair

Thank you to everybody who came to the Reception stall at the Summer Fair this afternoon! We hope your enjoyed the various flavours of jelly, with the chance to add toppings of whipped cream and fruit!

If you took part in the Treasure Hunt game, the lucky winner of £25 will be announced tomorrow morning!

After adding up all of the money together, and taking out the money for our float and what we had spent on the jelly and toppings, we made a fantastic profit of £53!

Jess World!

Today these girls worked together in the Construction Area, and built an amazing new world for our class cat Jess to live in!

The girls made Jess a bed, a place to play and a table to eat her tea on.

What fantastic team work, Jess certainly loved her new home for the day!

EAD (MM) 40-60+

EAD (BI) 40-60+

PSED (MR) 40-60+

Playing and Exploring


Today in Maths we have been exploring the terms symmetry and symmetrical. 

We found out that when something is symmetrical, it means that it is the same on each side. We each had a try and making the butterflies symmetrical by copying the pattern that was on one of the sides. We then chose different colours to use, and ensured to try our best to use the same colours on each side.

In the provision, some of us then had a go independently and making symmetrical butterflies using the dabber pens:

M (SSM) 40-60

Active Learning

Art Week Carousel

Today in Early Years we have been taking part in a carousel with each teacher to complete different activities. After carrying out an activity with us, Miss O’Malley went into Nursery and Pre-Nursery to look at different emotions and to then make these out of play dough. Miss Price came into Reception to teach us about animals and the way they move, and Mrs Knowleson came into Reception to teach us about spiders.

We had a lovely morning learning with all of the different teachers.

EAD (MM) 40-60

EAD (BI) 40-60

Playing and Exploring

Musical Mr Men

This afternoon, we used different musical instruments to make a sound for different Mr Men characters.

Here are the characters that we looked at:

  We played:

  • Happy, jolly songs and rhythms for Mr Happy.
  • Loud noises for Mr Noisy.
  • Quiet, slow sounds for Mr Quiet.
  • We copied and played different rhythms for Mr Bounce.
  • Crazy noises for Mr Messy.
  • Deep sounds for Mr Grumpy.

EAD (MM) 40-60

Playing and Exploring